About Amy

Amy has been working with preschoolers in various capacities for about 15 years, mostly as a teacher. I fell in love with picture books years ago and decided I wanted to do something with my life that would allow me plenty of time to read them, teach with them, play with them, and share them with others.

I was blessed to get to spend my college career studying education and literacy. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and personally developed Literacy Launchpad as a preschool enrichment program. For eight years I spent my days teaching this program in various preschools and daycares  – devoting my time and energy to instilling a love of reading in little ones. I wish I could say it was all for my students, but it was for ME too! I have so much fun and love it!

I have also enjoyed blogging about sharing about Literacy Launchpad and swapping ideas and thoughts with others spreading the love of reading as well! You can see all kinds of my Literacy Launchpad adventures from my years of teaching and parenting here.

Becoming a mom has allowed me even more special opportunities to share reading! I get to read with my kids every day, and homeschooling them has allowed us plenty of time for reading and writing together. My kids are 15, 11, and 7. My two oldest were born in Ethiopia and joined our family two and a half years ago. Teaching non-English speakers our language, as well as how to read and write, has been interesting, challenging, and has taught me so much more about literacy and how to be an even better teacher.